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all the universe is made up of the elements. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and others. Humans, rocks, chickens, aliens, sun, stars. We are all made up of elements. But what is happiness? Is it made up of elements, too? I do not think so. May be, the power created the universe using elements, Gave life to the creatures. Wanted to share its wisdom with these new creatures. It wanted to give them happiness, which is the most important thing for it. But it didn't know how to share happiness. Because, if it gives more happiness than these creatures can handle, that would not be happiness. Then it said: "Happiness is there". It gave all its happiness. But, put a rule to the creatures. Only people who can live independent of elements will feel the real happiness. Others will enjoy just the dusts of real happiness. How can we live independent of elements?
I love this! Happiness isn't of the element, but an absence of it. Happiness cannot be given to us through the elements, but must be sifted out of it. Happiness, then, cannot be found in this words, on this screen, as I type away with my hands made of elements, then...
@greggr Oooh, great observation! I also loved that @OmerTurco sees that we, as creatures with forms, are stuck in a world with rules...rules that decide our happiness