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New setup!
Just setup my new Madrid Nessie with some 44 caliber 2's, butterballs, seismic tekton bearings and vicious grip! so far I love it. what setups do you guys have for dh/free ride?
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There was a huge hype train over the Nessie on another longboarding community (won't list which one cause thats advertising)
DH 2011 LandYachtz Grom Race Bear 840s Biggie Hawgs Sector 9 Black Balls Stock paper RAD hardware Freeride 2012 Bustin Meastro 7200 grip RAD hardware Sector 9 Black Balls and whatever trucks n wheels I feel like riding.
im getting more and more convinced, is a 99.9€ a good price? completed with caliber trucks and cadilacs 78a? :-)
if you're paying 99 for the complete that's an amazing deal, I payed that much for the deck. @pappagabbe