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Your current wall color is dull and you've been dreading to paint a new color to brighten up your space. I've been through that stage, so I'm with you. However, before proceeding to painting the walls there are few things you have to keep consider. 1. If you live in a rental home it's a common etiquette to ask your landlord before doing any remodeling. Even if you can repaint the wall and make it identical to the original condition, it's better to ask. 2. Choose a color, paint and finish. Do your research sliding on any paint. Extreme durable paint will last longer and won't get scuffed easily. There are several types of finish - flat, satin, and semi-gloss. Flat concealing finish is idea for surfaces that doesn't require frequent wash. Satin is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Semi-gloss has a visible shine and goes well for trim, woodwork, and cabinetry. 3. If you're planning to paint all the room you would need to calculate how much paint you need. In addition, you might have to spread out the project timeline. You won't be finish in a day unless you have few hands to help out. 4. Prepping the room is another important step before painting the walls. This is common sense, but I'll mention it anyways. Remove any nails and hooks from the walls and patch up the holes using spackle. Use a screwdriver to remove the electrical plates and cover the open outlet sockets with painter's tape. Dust the baseboards, window sills, door frames and any other surfaces that is near the area that will be painted. That's it for now! I hope this was helpful to those that are thinking to repaint their interior.
Dont' forget to tape anything you don't want painted---made that mistake with the room's baseboards once, and I've never regretted anything more!!
@iluvdurian31 I personally love the smell of a Presley painted house/room
Hahaha. My bad, @BrytnyBoop. Didn't think someone would like it. I hope you don't smell it too long and get dizzy.
It's nice to set a place to stay over, because paint smells pretty strong and you wouldn't want to sleep there.