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Welcome to 2015! For those of you who had made the resolution to get fit this year, I have the perfect way to get the year off to a solid start! Thanks to Blogilates, you now have a January pilates plan (attached) as well as a 30 day ab challenge. Personally, the January plan looks like a bigger time commitment than I am willing to make, so I am going to take the 30 day ab challenge instead. I hope these resources help you achieve your goals this year - and remember, take your long term goals one step at a time! Here's Blogilates' plan for an incredible January: 1. Clip or print the brand new #JanYOUary Workout Calendar! 2. Clip or print the 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge. It’s a simple add-on on top of your main workout plan. 3. Check off all the workouts daily after you do them! 4. Drink plenty of water everyday! (Trust me, it’ll keep you from being bloated.) 5. Eat more veggies! Replace your refined carbs with them. 6. Ditch the soda, the fried stuff, and the sugary desserts! Replace with clean, healthy, whole foods! This will keep you fuller, longer. Plus it’s nutritiously dense. 7. Have one YOLO Meal a week. (That’s a cheat meal where you can pretty much each whatever you want!) Full size of the January Calendar here: Full size of the 30 Day Ab Challenge here:
Let me know how it goes ladies! @GetFitwithAmy @onesmile @Nisfit
Well I'm probably going to skip the first few days but I will try my best with the January plan (does look like it will take a lot of time though...)
I can't say I'll do it....but I'll consider it!
I'll take you up on the 30 day ab challenge! I'm in!