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Greetings, friends! I am overjoyed to let everyone know that I will be continuing as the Creative Writing moderator for the next three months. I have enjoyed my time as Creative Writing moderator, and I hope that I can continue to help the community grow. During the last quarter, I saw that many of you enjoyed seeing some kinds of weekly and monthly writing features to share some great posts from the writing community with everyone else. I also got to meet some great writers (including @KaitlynnJanae, who will be the Poetry Community moderator for the next few months!) In line with that success, I'd like to increase the activity of the creative writing communities, in combination with some teamwork with Kaitlynn and the poetry community! I have plans to do more weekly features, more monthly activities, and just have more great writing interaction in our community. If you have any ideas for what kinds of events or content you would love to see in the community, please, message me! Or, if you're interested in becoming a Creative Writing Community Staff member, send me a message. I'd love to have assistance in encouraging the writers of Vingle to keep writing. Now, get writing, everyone! Talk to you soon.
@greggr Yes Yes, I will!! Congrats!
@timeturnerjones Please message about staff!