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My son purchased this book for me this Christmas, and while it wasn't everything I imagined, I'd still like to share a bit about it! I've attached photos via Brain Pickings' article introduction of the book: the book is described as "an ingenious project by designer and writer Dinah Fried, who cooks, art-directs, and photographs meals from nearly two centuries of famous fiction. Each photograph is accompanied by the particular passage in which the recipe appeared, as well as a few quick and curious factlets about the respective author, novel, or food." While this is not inaccurate, I can't help but feel that the idea was great, and the execution less so. I had hoped (and maybe this is me being greedy) that the book would also include recipes for these meals and how to create them for yourself. Additionally, some of the photos seemed a bit lackluster: sure, Oliver Twist's meal wouldn't be very vibrant, but some of the other meals lacked in image quality. And, the book is tiny: maybe the size of a paperback. Still, it's a fun little book to flip through. It pairs favorite literary moments with creative design and delicious food. I highly recommend this book to others who are interested in literature, food, design or just want something beautiful to look at, but don't get it if you're expecting long passages about the food, or recipes to accompany the photographs. A fun little read for the Holidays: I guess I'll have to make up the recipes myself.
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@greggr I'm glad you sort of warned me about this books! Definitely one I'll look for in the library first, before I decide if I want to invest in it. Thanks!