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I'm weeping to death :( lalalala Terrible :( My heart is in pain..it bleeds when EUN SOO said if "that time happens, JUST HUG ME UNTIL I DIE" Otoke I can't predict the ending of this drama :( If ES will die CY should die too if ES will live, CY should live too T.T While watching it again ,crying early in the morning.. I also smiled when I remember, General choi young said " there are only 14 days left before the heavens door will open" How come it's 14 when they only have 2 episodes left hehe. They should have extended it until 14th episodes so that we can see when the HEAVENS DOOR OPEN :D
everytime I see this picture I can vividly remember their scenes It makes my heart aches :|
but everyone forgets thats hi primary role..even though he has falen for her he must keep her safe and alive above all else because his honor demands it
yep, though i thought i wos gonna bash up CY for bossing me hr aroun even tho he noes tht he dusnt wnt hr 2 go.... goh... leave her b man.... grrrrrr.....
so heartbreaking this episode
BRICE I totally agree with you really moving.. :( It was so touching they are both in pain ang they both heal their pains with their love :)
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