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We survived Kpocalypse 2014....thank the kpop lords. A year in review.... Sewol Ferry Tragedy...so many lives lost....and yet some fan girls were flipping their ish BC it delayed the release of EXOs Overdose MV....Some ppl need Jesus for real..... Kris filed a lawsuit against SM entertainment to nullify his contract in the midst of promotions for EXOs release of Overdose.... Park Bom of 2NE1 is involved in a drug scandal for allegedly smuggling amphetamines into South Korea.... Leeteuk of Super Junior's family tragedy :'(.....Sulli of f(x) goes on hiatus due to a "dating scandal" bringing promotions for Red Light to a halt......Kim Hyun Joong had domestic abuse charges brought against him by his ex girlfriend.....Dahee of GLAM blackmailed Lee Byun Hun quite unsuccessfully..... trial is still ongoing but prosecution is asking for a 3 year prison sentence..... Lee Hoo of Z:EA went to war with his CEO via twitter airing out dirty laundry about mistreatment within Star Empire Entertainment.... Seungri of Big Bang was involved in a car accident that landed him in the ICU.... Jessica of Girls Generation SNSD was removed from the group....rumors involving bf Tyler Kwon ensued...... Luhan of EXO filed a lawsuit to nullify his contract with SM entertainment.... Thunder and Lee Joon chose not to renew their contracts with J. Tune and are no longer members of MBLAQ.... Bumkey caught in a drug scandal allegedly dealing methamphetamines.....B.A.P files a lawsuit against TS entertainment citing slave contracts and defamation as well.....also a slew of "dating scandals" including Sulli of f(x) and Choiza of Dynamic Duo, Baekhyun of EXO and Taeyeon of SNSD, Nickhyun of 2pm and Tiffany of SNSD, and although still unofficial G Dragon and Kiko. But the huge event of 2014 that shook my world was the car accident involving Ladies Code that claimed the lives of members EunB and RiSe. Its heartbreaking when young people so full of life and full of promise are suddenly taken in such a tragic way. And the fact that it could have been prevented makes it that much harder to stomach. May those beautiful angels rest in peace and may the remaining members find comfort and heal in the new year. I guess out of all of this drama and tragedy and craziness....for me kpocalypse 2014 brought to light what our idols really go through. The idol life isn't glamorous. I could go on a tangent about mistreatment of idols but I won't. New year....fresh start. But some amazing things happened this year....Taeyang Rise album was the gift that kept on giving...eyes nose lips....Eyes Nose Lips....eYeS nOsE lIpS....so many versions....2NE1 Crush album....the ladies did not disappoint and CL began recording in L.A. for her American debut.....things are happening ladies and gents....G.O.D comeback after 9 years....T.O.P went topless in Tazza 2.....Super Junior's Leeteuk discharged from the army and SuJu's Mamacita album and This is Love special edition album brought a new more mature sound I think...I wondered why I loved it so much and after I purchased the album read that Teddy Riley from YG entertainment worked on the songs that I loved......coincidence? I think not... Sungmin of Super Junior got hitched (could be considered a scandal but I'm rather happy for him).....Taemin solo debut Danger....Dem teaser pics doe....my gosh....Troyyyyy<3 and Crush's Crush on You......T.O.P went topless in Tazza 2.....Epik High Shoebox album....epicness my gosh...Vixx's Error<3 although they pretty much scalped Ravi and made him wear that Hershey's kiss hat its just hair and itll grow back after all....BTS Skool Love Affair and Dark and Wild.....BTS V and Jimin just all in all rude behavior and I rather enjoyed every minute of it .....f(x) Red Light....even though promotions were cut short this album was awesome...Rainbowwww check it out :) awesome track....Infinite Season 2 and Be Back edition....there is nothing out there quite like Infinite....they fill a tiny void in my heart....that void is where I hide my urge to dance and Infinite fills it....they dance for me lol......T.O.P went topless in Tazza 2.....Block B H.E.R....I really feel like they're underrated and it was nice to see them get some recognition.... M.I.B had a comeback with Chisa Bounce....another seriously underrated group. I suggest you watch the video and check them out. Winner debuted and not only that they slayed....pretty much rookies of the year...the coming of Bobby....it sounds so wrong but its so appropriate....love him or hate him there is something about that boy....he hasn't even debuted yet and he opened for the MAMA awards this year and killed it....winner of Show Me the Money 3 and got to keep the cash so naturally he gave it to his parents<3.....absolutely hyped for iKON.....aaaand I gotta add it in :) Loco's mini album Locomotive because he's my fave and bae be killin it...AOMG had a good year with the addition of Simon D from Supreme Team being named co-CEO and Jay Parks Metronome as well as their US tour... FYI AOMG murdered 2014..... YG hip hop projects....Masta Wu and flippin Dok2....and who might i ask was featured with them...Bobby that's who....once again I am HYPED for iKON.....Good boy was originally supposed to be a Big Bang song...that blew my mind BC Good Boy is effin DOPE...the beat and the feel of the song are just DOPE....I have no other way to describe it and this fact makes me hella excited you know why? Because it didn't make the cut for Big Bang's album....which means there is better ish than Good Boy on Big Bang's album....be excited..... Newbies that caught my eye....Champagne and Candle...their label Brand New Music comes out with some good stuff keep your eye on them.....Lucky J....as discussed in my breakup playlist I still do not know much about them but I intend to keep my eye on them....HOTSHOT is a part of this years new hip hop idol groups and definitely one that I have a soft spot for.... and Shannon Williams...incredible voice and girlfriend does not dance like a rookie....js Added videos in case you're curious. Things that need to happen this year....PAPA YG WE NEED A BIG BANG COMEBACK!!!!! Some people wanted it in 2014......but in 2015 V.I.Ps WE NEED IT<333 We deserve it after all the chaos this year.