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i'm gonna kill jaehee!!
ya..but jaehee is messing with maru..she got him beaten up..can neither let him stay nor go!! and i dont know what her intentions her..for eungi
Jae hee's tactic of confronting eun gi failed since ahe will remember bits of her memories. Dang! she will be cast away soon.
I think jae hee isn;t bad at all. Remember when her older brother said he'll let eun gi disappear from her sight she said don't ever try touching a single hair of eun gi. xD
i hope this too cause ma ru loves her for real also the deal that he made with attorney park was in order to make stay close with eun gee also in the preview eun gee was in jae hee house and for sure jae hee will tell her bad thing
i hope that too.. i just hope eungi doesnt doubt maru's love!!
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