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With the release of FB's new "post search" feature, the world of Facebook has changed. Now, you are able to dig deep into what your friends have said about a keyword (for instance, search "got engaged" to see which friends mentioned this in the past). Right now, you can only search your friends and those within specific privacy settings, but even if you don't intend to use this feature, your world on Facebook has changed. Why? Because over 1 trillion posts (some of which made by you!) have been indexed. What does this mean? That everything you have posted is now no longer dated into authority, but it can be searched, measured and considered by the Facebook data bots. What changes can you expect to see? Not many, right now. You might want to search yourself for some swear words (just in case your mom or employer decides to do a quick check up), but beyond that, you're unlikely to see changes. Down the line, it's likely that you'll notice that ads will become more and more relevant to you. How? Well, they haven't announced it yet, but it's safe to assume that Facebook is working on a way to use this data to improve the ads that you see on the site. After all, their service is based on knowing who you are, what you're doing, and what to market to you. If you post a status saying you broke your phone, phone marketers may soon be able to target their ads in such a way that it would appear to you at that perfect moment. What do you think of this new change?
If I delete old they disappear...? Or are they going to be in that index forever!?
@onesmile hmmm, now I'm left wondering. I think that it is possible, but humans change their preferences, so I would assume at one point they would have to update their index? @JenniferGurnham I agree, but sadly Facebook is far from private...
omg I don't think this right what if u don't want strangers finding u private means private right