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omg faith is going so well !!!! he was about to kiss her wen the other woodalchi cam in errrrrrr!!!! CY asks to ES “Why u suddenly wanna stay here? U have to leave after a month” ES says “GM said this is most safe place and ordered me to stay here.” CY says “U’ve done all the things for me, right? U also came back here because I was continually worrying GM and NK. Look. From now on, first I’m gonna find ur antidotes. But if I can’t, I’m gonna ask u if u can stay here. I will protect u for a lifetime. So at that time when I ask u, are you gonna answer me?” CY asks if he can attack DH to get ES’s antidotes, and GM allows to do it officially. CY calls ES and says “Didn’t u come here to hide? Why u hang out like that?” ES says “I thought it would be ok to be among military. And I was just waiting u to get permission to go to pharmacy to get some medicine, sir.” CY says “Would u call me sir once again?” and tried to kiss her, but his servant step in the moment i hope there will be a kiss soon though???
they should have kissed back then...grrr u woodalchi..wrong time wrong place u enter hahaha
hell yeah you go chica n please help faith win, go on this link: n jus say who u wanna vote for n your vote will be casted, thnxzzz plz, FAITH needs all the support we can get :)
i'm gonna kill dat wodalchi for interrupting!lol!
goh, KHS's husband should get over himself, i mean itz her profession, goh, not like she's gonna end up cheatin on him, goh, hurry up and kiss or il end up killin both of ya, lolz :D
yap,,but that woodalchi stole their moment arrrggghhh!
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