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It's always hard to let go. However, an excellent way to freshly start 2015 is leave behind the mess you made in 2014. Take this time to evaluate what is not in tune with your living goals and let go of those things. Let's take it one at a time! 1. Let go of items that are broken. If you've been living with a faulty object, it means you can live without it. 2. Let go of expired items of any kind. 3. Let go of anything that is not representing you anymore in terms of style or purpose. 4. Let go of things that are extremely hard to clean or maintain, that is not worth eating up your time. 5. Let go of ugly stuff you're always hiding away. 6. Let go what was not used as intended during the last year(s). 7. Let go of everything that reminds you of bad memories and hard times. 8. Let go of all that encourages unhealthy behaviors in your days.
@Nessadoodles We all have to, You're not alone! :)
I'm a self confessed hoarder - really need to deal with it 😞
At the beginning of every summer, I go through my wardrobe and pull out anything I hadn't worn in the past year. That all goes straight to Goodwill!
#6 is soooo key for me! I have so many things that i think "I'll use it this year" but I haven't! If I don't touch them by the end of January, I'll take out that trash :)