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I know, I know! But I don't always wear my helmet...and I get it but I also can't stand the helmet police and I do not want to see a skater helmet law I do not want more government lol! Train your kids (if ya got em) but at some point they will make their own choices, they will always remember your words, but they'll do their own thing. Be responsible, be yourself. Let the comments fly, but be respectful, and if you can't then don't bother speaking. Enjoy the ride.
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God I wish I could ride switch.
@steezus @stevelee772 it's taken a lot of practice. I can't really do any tricks, but I can ride pretty well at low speeds going switch. I ride goofy on a skateboard and regular on a snowboard so that helps a lot
@MattLambright if you wanna get into tricks, try the flat top. Its do able on almost every deck.
always up to the individual mate :-)
True, I just keep running into the Spanish Inquisition Skateboard Helmet Division. @GaryCampbell