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A lot of people don't know this, but one of the biggest things you have to give up when adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet is marshmallows! Yes, that's right - the fluffy topping to your favorite cup of hot chocolate and your aunt's holiday sweet potatoes is actually made with gelatin, a product made of animal collagen. (And yes, I too realize how gross that sounds.) But, vegans and vegetarians, fear not. Illinois-based company Chicago Vegan Foods offers a perfectly delicious (and 100% cruelty-free!) substitute - Dandies Air-Puffed Marshmallows! They come in both regular sized and mini and melt just like the marshmallows you might remember. They're perfect on top of hot beverages, in rice krispy treats, and even toasted over a campfire. (My friends and I have made Dandies s'mores quite a few times.) They're also gluten and nut free. Right now, Dandies are available at Whole Foods and several other natural supermarkets across the country. They are also made available from a number of online retailers as well. For specific locations (and a special online coupon!), click the link on this card!
Haha I first read the product as Danidee's. xP
@DeinNomos I read the same way lol
@DeinNomos One day I'll have to make my own competing Danidee's Marshmallows hahaah
looks like I need to give Whole Foods a visit now >.>
@asparagus They burn just like regular marshmallows do. I was really surprised! A lot of vegan alternatives to things cook differently than the non-vegan versions, but these are soooo good in smores! :)
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