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As of Tuesday, vegetarians in the Midwest and Northeast can enjoy White Castle's new meatless sliders. Made with the help of New Jersey cardiothoracic surgeon-turned-health foodie Dr. Praeger, the patty is made with a combination of vegetables like carrots, onions, string beans, broccoli, and zucchini and can be topped with honey mustard, ranch, or sweet Thai sauce. Unfortunately for vegans, White Castle has yet to develop a slider bun without egg wash. But personally, I feel like having a meatless option in such a popular fast food chain can only help promote meat-free diets and lifestyles. Would you eat a White Castle veggie slider?
@WordDoctor I haven't tried Dr. Praeger's food, but I'll admit I've eyed those frozen packages of veggie dinosaurs he sells. They're so cute.
I love Dr. Praeger foods! I eat them all the time, and put them in my son's school lunches. I'm excited to try these new sliders :) Thanks for sharing!