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While the sun is up you are dieing, ending who you were the past year. As the sun falls and the moon rises, you are being born again to live a new life for the new year. I like thinking that way because if you look at who you are at every new years, you will see how you've changed and grown and how you almost are a new person. Through all the mistakes, and pain, and anger you can finally see it whole instead of day by day. You can finally let go and say this is a new year and as cliche as it sounds I am a new me. And even if you don't go out that new year and accomplish what you set out to do you still set out with a goal to accomplish something and that is never wasted time. I'm running out of new years, and I just need to make them count.
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Hey, I'm all about the New Year cliches! Bring em on. You can make them count. Whether you think they do or not, they all count!