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So.. wow. Okay. I can't believe I've never heard of this place. It's called Koreana Plaza (코리아나 플라자) and this place has EVERYTHING. It's like the Costco of Korean food. This place is freaking huge. Huge. The only thing they didn't have was, and I asked, those honey butter chips ubuuu. ;( Not only does this store have Korean food, they have fish. I mean.. GIANT fish staring at you in tanks swimming around waiting for someone to eat them. They have Japanese food, Mexican food, Russian food, and lots of other little things as well. Ice Cream? Yep. Canned tuna? Why not? Almost all of their signs are translated into Korean too. It was super fun experience. :) I'm going again soon with my grandma, because they have a FOOD COURT. Ohmagah. If I do go again, more pictures! Btw the beef, kimchi, and rice was delish! I have lots leftover, too, to cook tomorrow.
AHHH this looks so cool I want to eat honey butter chips though. Bring your own next time. Hahaha
@danidee I'm sure if I asked them to order them for me they would! My grandma told me she ordered something, because of course it's super outrageously priced online, and it was relatively cheap.
@DeinNomos It sounds a lot like a few markets down here in Southern California. If you come down to LA or Orange County on a trip sometime, you should visit H-Mart or Zion Market! The Koreatown malls in LA have really nice food courts too. That's where I had soondae for the first time. :)
@WiviDemol As far as I know, there's only 2 in California. :( I can't believe they don't have more stores, this place was packed!
wow! where is this? do they have sundae & tteokboki??