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News broke from the BBC just minutes ago, that Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has been given permission to talk to overseas clubs to sign a pre-contract to join them in the summer after his current contract with the Reds in England expires at the end of this current Premier League season. This has ignited a swirl of speculation that the longtime Liverpool midfielder will join an MLS side. The LA Galaxy are said to be leading the race to sign him. I think it would be a great move for the MLS. Personally I wouldn't want him to end up at LA, but it would add to league none-the-less wherever he would land, as long as it's with a play-off contending team. What news we will hear in the coming weeks will be interesting as the US transfer window is open for the off season currently, but then again so is Europe's.
@Goyo I'm shocked too. Do LA really need him?
I just read this and was shocked... I would really love to see him considering that I still respect not only his reputation, but his current skill level, as well
@CitySarajevo Well they could use him but I don't think they *NEED* him. He'll go to LA because of the money. Quite frankly that's the only reason he'd go to the MLS as they have the money to pay him. He was looking at $75,000 a week to stay at Liverpool according to the papers. The EPL players in the MLS tend to be turning anywhere from $90,000-$130,000 a week, so since he wanted the money he's jumping ship. There's talk he's leaving because of the playing time but he's started 18/20 games so I don't think that's the full reason.
@Goyo For sure he'd be a great addition to the MLS. Currently in his new defensive role, his pass % is the highest than it has been his entire career (89%). I think he still has a future but the Premier League might just be a little past him.