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This is one of my favorite budget home decor project. With a little bit of paint and paper you can turn your shoebox into decorative shelves. These are as durable as wood, but it's perfect for lightweight items. The decor possibility here is endless. You have the flexibility to use different sized boxes and color to create your own display. Here's what you need: - Shoebox - Spray Paint - Decorative Paper - Scissors - Glue Stick - Screwdriver and 2 Screws Instructions: Cut your decorative paper to the size of the back wall of the shoebox. We will be attaching it to the inside of the box so make sure it fits perfectly inside. Set aside. Spray paint the inside and outside walls of the shoebox to cover up any logos it may have. Once it is completely dry, attach the box to the wall with a screwdriver and nail. For extra sturdiness, screw another nail on the other side. Tip: Hanging the box vertically will be more sturdier and will be less likely to cause a dip on the ledge of the shelf if you display heavier objects. Apply glue to the back side of your paper and attach it to the inside of the box. By attaching the paper once the box is already hanging on the wall, the screws will remain hidden. Display your favorite (lightweight) decors and you're set!
Now I know what I can do with all of my shoe box's!
Smart! I'll need to make sure I choose sturdy shoe boxes for this just to be safe :)
I should buy new shoes just to get a shoebox to make this! LOL They are so pretty ♥