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Oh how a trip through the woods can bring peace to sorrow, turn dark to light, turn the silent into beautiful songs that dance through the air around the trees. Nothing as joyful as the cool breeze on a hot day or the warmth of a mossy coat on a cold one. Happiness is simple but I am not. For the fact that I notice the cool wind and the smiling trees and the birds who sing, and must write the beautiful sight down to capture it the best I can, makes me complicated and over analytical. I can't just join them in their happiness, I can only observe. An outcast who only comes to the woods for shelter not just to simply be, instinctively. Art by Eyvind Earle
@timeturnerjones I see that, too. Like in the first sentence, we get two simple comparisons: peace/sorrow and light/dark but then we also get silence/beautiful songs that dance in the air. Everything isn't as simple as this or that.
It's a great thought: the world is complicated and intricate and that's what makes it beautiful, but also, understanding those complexities is part of what makes life difficult.