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There are a lot of marketers out there trying to get their apps discovered. A lot. And there is very little information out there that can help. Very little. The fact of the matter is that app promotion is a fairly recent aspect of marketing, so not much as been written on it. Very few case studies have been done on it. And what’s worse is that those who have gained some knowledge (like some of my friends) refuse to let their insider information go. This article, however, has some basic information that really does help, if done correctly in a patient manner. Here are my notes on it: 1) app name 2) app keywords -> need to update these for English 3) # of downloads -> as it says, its an annoying fact, but its true. More downloads lead to more downloads... 4) Ratings and reviews -> need volume in English 5) App description -> need to update this for Android 6) App screenshots 7) App localization How to promote the app: 1) App's website => Need to have a part of your website dedicated to promoting your app. This not only helps your own users discover your app, but also help you get organic downloads through search engine. 2) Promotion on and through social networks 3) Smart app banners => You are getting traffic through your content. And then? Make those visitors into real users by promoting your app through app banners located either at the top or bottom of your mobile website. 4) CPI campaigns 5) Press release 6) Cross promotion in other apps 7) Offline promotion => Need to really figure out how to do this. Before our team considered promoting it by doing offline events at colleges in the US. I am not sure if this would work, but it could be a way. 8) Make a video 9) Engage bloggers 10) App review sites -> I really like this idea. You should look to reach out to as many app review sites as possible. This will not only get your exposure, but also get you a ton of SEO points for your service.