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Nocturne by Traer Scott

Traer Scott is a highly regarded fine art photographer with her work being featured in National Geographic, Life, Vogue, People, O and dozens of other national and international publications. Traer has always had an interest in the animal world. Her newest body of work, Nocturne, gives us portraits of nocturnal animals that are both stark and revealing. Here is what Traer says about the work Nocturne: "Nocturne: Creatures of the Night is a series of intimate portraits of nocturnal animals. From giant moths to big cats, over 40 mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians are represented in this project. My aim was to photograph each of these creatures as if they truly were emerging from deep darkness, allowing the viewer to feel as if they were shining a flashlight on each elusive animal as it crept by them in the shadows. Nocturne was released as a hardcover book in September 2014 by Princeton Architectural Press."
a fine collection. does anyone know how to get a deal background like in these pictures without having a screen of sort behind. ?
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