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Manchester City have announced yesterday that they will extend the loan of Frank Lampard from New York City FC through to the end of the current Premier League season. Lampard currently has 6 goals in his 17 appearances for the club, including scoring the game winner just yesterday against Sunderland at the Ethiad Stadium. This means that Frank Lampard will be available to face his old club Chelsea on the 31st of January. He is now expected to join NYCFC in June.
@CitySarajevo Honestly I'm just hoping this doesn't harm the MLS. If he slots into the NYCFC squad and the fans don't boo him, then NYCFC starts a run like the Revolution had once they acquired Jermaine Jones then it should be fine. As of right now, if I was an NYCFC owner, I'd be proper cross.
@Spudsy2061 It's tough. NYCFC are my club for MLS but I really like City and he's choosing one over the other. Hopefully it's all ok in the end.
@CitySarajevo I don't know if he's at the age of being able to start every game but now that the loan is extended and Yaya Toure's off to the Africa Cup of Nations he probably will start every game.
Good for City. He should start every game.