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This infused water is not only a great way to stay hydrated in the dry winter months, but contains some serious nutritional super-foods! Cherries are more than just nature's candy - they have amazing health benefits too! Cherries have the ability to reduce inflammation which means great things for people suffering from arthritis pain or post-exercise muscle pain. Cherries also contain enough melatonin to act as a sleep aid, helping your body into a restful and natural sleep. As if that wasn't enough already, cherries also can reduce belly fat! The other component of this drink is basil, which has plenty of its own health benefits. Basil, believe it or not, actually has anti-anxiety effects which means you'll stress less when smelling or eating basil! It is also a super source of iron - on par with spinach in fact!
Yuuuum. I didn't realize all of the benefits of cherries. I just knew they were delicious. This makes me want to try this one even more!
It looks so pretty too!
Stress relieving and yummy? Pour me a glass :)