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I'm not much for resolutions. I try every year (see my relationships card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/650978), but if I'm honest, calling something a New Year's Resolution pretty much guarantees I'm not going to be accomplishing it. I do know, however, that I want to take steps to improve my life in various areas in 2015 - and that includes motherhood. This year, in the interest of being more successful in my New Year's goals, I'm going to try the same approach I mentioned in my Love Resolutions. I'm picking motherhood goals that are more broad and that I can work on through my life, without the pressures of "doing this by the end of 2015." More of a list of goals to check in on throughout the year. Here they are! 1. More energy! This year I would like to find ways to have more energy throughout the day, especially during the times that I have to play and spend time with my son. Too many times I feel drained and just sit like a log, not joining in or running around with him. Some of it will be a matter of attitude, I think, but I also need to get energy through more healthful living, like getting enough rest and nutrients. 2. More rest! Speaking of rest, I want to be more respectful of my own rest time. I believe this will greatly benefit my mothering abilities and attitude. I'd like to head to bed when I'm tired, instead of watching one more show. I'd like to not look at stuff on my phone in bed. I'd like to take a nap if I'm tired and it's available. I'd also like to be less reluctant to ask my co-parent for help if I need a break to unwind for a while. Rested parents are better parents! 3. More motivation! Hopefully more rest and more energy will help with this one, but basically I want to feel more motivated to do things, whether it's getting the day's work done so I can spend time with my family, planning a birthday party, or just motivating myself to make some of those craft tutorials I come across with my child or to head out to a new adventure (or our favorite museum). I'd also call this having the will to move! 4. More patience! This is a big one. I'd really love it if I could catch myself when I'm feeling really frustrated or impatient. Kids do things much more slowly than adults (like cleaning up, or putting a puzzle together), and toddlers just take longer to process requests and don't listen the first time (or 5). I'd like to remember to breathe deeply a couple of times when I feel impatient or frustrated and remember that he's small and I'm big, and that patience can lead to smiles whereas frustration can lead to confrontation. 5. More joy! With the help of all of the above, I'd also just like to remember to have an attitude of joy. I know I won't be happy all the time in 2015, but I do believe that we can affect our mood and the moods of our children by adopting a joyful attitude as often as possible. I'd like to smile more often, act silly more often, celebrate more often, hug more often, and just generally look and thereby feel more positive. I want my child to learn joyfulness from watching me, not remember a sour and grumpy face. I think these feel pretty reasonable. What are your wishes for 2015 as a parent?