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Project: Flight was an effort to create a montage video consisting of all wingsuit footage submitted by wingsuit pilots from all over the world, big and small. What resulted was this short, high octane movie! What better way to bring in the New Year?! Contributors include: Jokke Sommer, Chris McDougall, Luke Hively, Rob Pelon, Clem Newell, Scott Paterson, Gordon Sellers, Zeeshan Mirza, David Walden, Richard Schneider, Nicolas Inzerella, Brian Wright, Dave Paterson, Brad Perkins, Igor Stol, Charity Dover, Joe Ridler, Gray Kremer, Jedd Cowser, Alex Drozdov, François Gouy, and Kevin Diaz. Produced/Directed/Edited: Negative4 Productions, The GoWorld Project, and Michael Cook
@negative4, that sounds like a plan, I went for a tandem dive when I was 19, but that was a long long time ago. lol it was one truely spiritual moment. Up until I had my left ear ripped out by a locust, cliff diving was my thing. good times. I really wanna base jump off of Woodman Tower in down town Omaha. At only 42 stories its got to be a serious rush. lol.
@BryanCrappell Try skydiving first :). It's a good litmus test to see if something like BASE or proximity flying is for you. Hell, anymore these days you can do skydiving and even BASE jumping tandem. So go a long for the ride while others do the work.
This is seriously awesome! I'm not brave enough to join you @BryanCrappell or I might jump, too :)
Thanks Bryan! Glad you enjoyed it!
@Onesmile Thanks for your compliment! Glad you enjoyed it :)
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