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Happy New Year Vingle! Not to start the year off with a list of complaints, but I need to point out what this fine new year is lacking. I was raised on the Back to the Future franchise and I was brought up to believe that 2015 would be filled with gadgets and gizmos that are still no where to be found. Here's a small list of what I was promised as a child by Marty McFly that I am still waiting on in 2015. 1. Self-Drying Jackets I am notorious for trying to do my laundry the morning of, when I have nothing clean to wear. My washer gets my clothes nice and soaked but my drier needs one and a half cycles to really get my clothes dry. I am the guy that walks into work with slightly damp jeans and a bad attitude. Self drying jeans, thats what we need. 2. Hoverboards Obviously this should have been top priority in the tech and science world, but it looks like it slipped off the agenda. Side note - my computer doesn't even recognize the word 'hoverboard,' it wants me to correct it to overboard. What is wrong with this world?! 3. Everything else 3D movie posters, flying cars, food hydrators, self tying shoes, etc. The world still impatiently waits. The only thing it really got right was that you can find lava laps in dusty antique shops...
Actually we have hoverboards now!!!! :)
I do think watching videos on our tablets and having videos embedded in our newspapers (which we read on tablets) is pretty futuristic and awesome. 3D movie poster aren't far off! There are definitely hovercars, but hoverboards would be pretty sweet.
How is it possible we didn't get any of these things?! Nooo.... I will patiently wait for the self drying clothes....