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Starting from the early 2015's, the Korean film industry characterized by the presence of a few movies that has stolen a lot of attention as' Gangnam 1970. With so many top Hallyu actors will compete in the month of January 2015. Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won ready to make the audience amazed with their noir-themed movie called 'Gangnam 1970. Although had delayed its release, but this highly anticipated movie fans who want to see Lee Min Ho acting in big screen debut. After that, there are a couple Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won are reunited for the romantic comedy titled 'Today's Love' and Yeo Jin Goo along with Lee Min Ki as a mental patient who planned blurred in 'Shoot My Heart'. 'Today's Love' which tells about Junsu (Lee Seung Gi) an elementary school teacher who keep feelings of love to his close friend (Moon Chae Won) for a dozen years will be first aired on January 15. After that followed the 'Gangnam 1970' which was released January 21 and 'Shoot My Heart' on January 28. With the emergence of such third handsome actor Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi and Yeo Jin Goo alternately in theaters for the first month in 2015, about who's who will lead the box office it later?
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