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I never really got into Korean drama before. I was mostly into the music and culture and language. until I started watching Pinocchio. Omg! What have I been missing??! It's sooo good! I've been watching non stop I'm up to episode 15...I started watching yesterday....yeaaaa. But my app doesn't have the last 5 episodes, I guess ill have to wait. Its killing me! Any other suggestions on a good kdrama I should start watching??
Let's Eat, Sweden Laundry (relatively new but light and fresh), Gapdong, Coffee Prince, Marriage not Dating, A Witches Romance, Bad Guys, Misaeng, I need romance 3 and really any other drama u find interesting. Korean dramas really become more interesting when u go through different genres.
Rooftop Prince is HILARIOUS also try Secret Garden (it has lee jong suk!) and You're Beautiful (with Park Shin Hye~)
I like Pinocchio too <3 Can't wait until episode 16 comes out ^_^ Some recommendations from the top of my head are: Rooftop Prince (it's a classic!) I can hear your voice (Lee Jong suk 馃槏) Doctor stranger. Dream High.
Heirs and flower bot next door were really good dramas I think. Both have Park Shin Hye
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