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Edit: read the whole thing, it takes 1 minute and it might help you post better things, therefore helping the community. Sooooo I thought I'd take the time to talk about posts on this community. 1: Gear posts. These include complete setups, decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, anything that you slap on a board or use while longboarding. Now I personally love these posts, because I like to see all your new things and such. But lately thats all I've been seeing. I get that you guys are stoked about your new gear but if you post it, make it worth all our time. Do a review on the product, or something! Don't just say "new wheels" and thats it. Give us details! 2: Action posts. I love these even more than gear posts, because it shows that you guys are getting out and actually skating. But, (there's always a but right?) if you're going to post an action shot please make it a good one. Not just a shot of your wheel on a road, or you pushing. Thats not an action shot, and frankly most people couldn't care less about them. If you wanna post an action shot, make it a great one! 3: Youtube videos. These are fine, but when a new video comes out check first to see if its already been posted. I love videos because they can be an original edit you made, or a trick tip, a review, or anything longboard related. I really don't have anything else to say, except go out and film more of YOU if you can. Hell, when I solo skate I setup my ipod (which only has a front facing camera and shitty quality btw) and film myself doing tricks. I'd love to see more of you guys doing this. Not just reposts of very popular videos (cause it gets old fast.) 4: Reviews. Do them as much as possible. I've only seen like 8 on here the whole time I've been a part in this community, and thats not good. If you really love a set of wheels, or your new board, say so! Tell us why! 5: Not longboard related posts. Why would you post these? I've seen these most recently with the "damn it's snowing now" posts. Yes its winter. Yes snow happens and you can't skate in it. But don't make a post about it, because it doesn't benefit anybody in anyway. It certainly doesn't benefit you because you can't skate!!! 6: Thank you to the people who do their best to keep this community flowing with original content, and new ideas/things. Those who just google "longboard cool image" come on. Sure there are some pretty damn cool longboarding things on the internet, but most of us have seen them. It'd be much better for all of us if you go skate, film a bit, and take the time to make something good. Not just repost something bland. TL;DR: make original posts that are longboarding related, and don't just google "longboarding things" to put here. Thats not what this community is for. Unless it's something so amazing your eyes are bleeding from seeing it. Then it's okay.
@EmilySalzsieder she gotta point
It wouldn't be the internet without someone ranting right @drlizardo ?
In the spirit of the holidays, I completely understand the gear posts. Expect them to die down soon, and then everyone can go back to being sad wishing they had x, y, z.
I remember the setup Sunday. I did it once but only really ride two decks, one is ever changing and one never changes.xD
Yeah @mpoblete people are excited about their stuff. Yeah @EmilySalzsieder it's true,newbies think this is a Mashup of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Silverfish lol so they throwing it all out there! Yeah @steezus you're always ranting about something lol!
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