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Like I said, been riding without bearing shields since Paris dude took them off for me last weekend. Here's a video, just in case you were curious as to what happens inside your wheels/bearings and bearing balls when you're rolling away.
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The truck was horribly bad luck the other meh shit happens and my shop actually called a rep at Sector 9 and they were super awesome about it. As far as cheap, yes I love it. Theyre cheap and they last xD
Your riding like it's the 70's again lol
Do the shields add structural support? They look like they're gonna split after a few slides!
I think they just keep the dirt out. If you try to pry the balls out with a pin, you would find it difficult.
I've found a way to put a ball back if it ever dislodges. I've had that experience. changing out bearings and got a little to curious about bearings.