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Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk is known for her psychedelic geometric wall murals. These huge pieces of interwoven colors and shape are a real joy to look at. I had the pleasure of seeing one of her works in Wynwood, a famous art center of Miami. Maya's start to art began with her grandmother's teachings of old Ukrainian crafts, but she has now transformed those teaching into beautiful street art. "As a small child, my grandmothers would teach me crafts like embroidery, batik egg dying and reciting poetry," the artist explained. "This was probably the first and most impactful influence in my life. I learned not only to have a very steady hand and determination, but they taught me about the richness of the meaning of all of these geometric symbols."
@hunahuna I definitley wouldn't have picked up on that otherwise, even if it had felt vaguely familiar.
@onesmile You can definitely see that style of craft coming through Maya's work! Isn't it cool once you know the origin of her particular style?
It's funny, because some of these designs remind me of some old knitted crafts my grandma made (granted, more vibrant in color) and we are European in heritage!