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East ~ D. James Breaux
an ironic revolving door opens an unavoidable portal to an avoidable past a virtuous detour from a misguided path of unrighteous intent a moral diversion supplying comfort from the cold casually juxtaposing good schemes with bad schemes that find truth in a trail of tears sometimes sometimes wondering if the tears were ever worth it on the coast of deception with a broken clock was that really you crying or just another lucid dream east of all that is lost west of oblivion and as far north as the minds eye can see standing on the precipice of eternity you land south of what you know you'll never find again so you search in an altered state running in the opposite direction of the pain machine where overambitious fears can't dwell because this time they failed to arrive at the lost love place before you did and you overcame them outran them it's a clever device time travel a clever device smile merchants of that so clandestine love corporation have much to sell with their ten cent feelings but it's enough to last till morning light when a subtle body of sun plays like a heatwave of silence and some wierd inertia swing sets love in motion and dark flowers blossom an unrehearsed side effect of desolation you know but at least it helps you make believe a little while at least another day maybe until tomorrow
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This poem is also a clever device (which was, coincidentally, my favorite phrase in the whole piece!)
The first sentence already has me curious: an ironic revolving door. Is it make of iron, and thus ironic, or is it simply ironic? Anyways, I loved the whole thing!
@hikaymm haha, you're perception is #Awesome. Yeh the door is an image of irony, when past regrets could have been avoided, resulting in happier a outcome. The revolving door is a gateway between the memory of a happy ending and a sad ending, and a stark reminder that we live with our choices. To love or not to love. That is the question. Here, the answer was not to love. And it was the wrong answer.