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So I got these wheels about a year ago, wait These... those, fuck it. Anyways they're 80A 717A model, I hate them. Basically they are sloppy as hell they grip when I wanna slide, slide when I wanna grip and its a hell storm. Im wondering if anyone has had better luck with These or a different kind of These. I heard so many good things tried them in all kinds of stuff and am just so let down. So let me know is it me or the wheels!
Id probably just pick up a set of mini zombies or street Hawgs as how my main needs have changed a bit, but not many people in my area really skate so selling isnt much of a thing.
Yeah I actually have the exact same set and they blow and big chunks break off them too the slide feels sloppy I'd have to agree
Ive never done PayPal@Steezster
Call his favorite coffee shop and buy a gift card lol @steezster
Do you take PayPal? lol
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