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So I got these wheels about a year ago, wait These... those, fuck it. Anyways they're 80A 717A model, I hate them. Basically they are sloppy as hell they grip when I wanna slide, slide when I wanna grip and its a hell storm. Im wondering if anyone has had better luck with These or a different kind of These. I heard so many good things tried them in all kinds of stuff and am just so let down. So let me know is it me or the wheels!
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Ive had shit storm after shit storm man. If youre ever by Detroit you buy me some good coffee n theyre yours man.
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Do you take PayPal? lol
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Call his favorite coffee shop and buy a gift card lol @steezster
3 years ago·Reply
Ive never done PayPal@Steezster
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Yeah I actually have the exact same set and they blow and big chunks break off them too the slide feels sloppy I'd have to agree
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