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70MM 80a Mini Monster Hawgs Review! First things first. These wheels are so damn grippy, which makes them awesome for some good carving. I don't know about sliding (learning to do a Coleman is my top priority for the new year) so I can't say much. I got these in my mystery box, so I had to look up the price. For about 50 bucks, you can't go wrong.
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Don't slide them, get yourself a set of mini zombies. Keep these for light hilling.
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Forgot to mention that I got a set on mini zombies, too. I'm saving them for sliding (:
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I agree with @SteveLee772 the skin makes them good for DH because as you said, they're grippy. And again I agree with @SteveLee772 mini zombies are pretty great.
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Aaand I also forgot to tag you @SteveLee772! Hahaha
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Dont go ape shit on the monsters they will slide out but you dont wanna learn on them. Also if you get to the point where you need more than the monsters look into Biggie Hawgs @EmilySalzieder
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