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Of course, the one winter I decide to go back to my new wintery weather home early is the winter that it snows in San Diego. When I was visiting my hometown over Christmas is was 75 and sunny every day but that all changed on New Years Eve when my Facebook feed was suddenly flooded with pictures of snow! A few of these are my friends pictures! I remember it hailed once in middle school and we had no idea what to do. Our lunch tables and school hallways were all outdoors so there was nowhere to duck for cover! I can't imagine how everyone reacted to snow! Now, people make fun of Californians for being sensitive to weather, but to be totally fair, rain and snow create really dangerous driving conditions. Because rain is so rare in this part of the state, all of the oil builds up on the roads causing serious slippage on the roads. But then to throw snow into the mix?! I have never in my entire life driven in snow and neither has a huge percentage of San Diegans. Luckily, there weren't too many accidents (especially because this was during the busy holiday season) and it didn't affect flights much out of SAN. Anyone traveling or living in the area that got to see this?
I am totally jealous of that snow. We usually get a lot but this year we've only gotten flurries and about an inch of snow when we usually get so much more DX
Wow! I can't believe it! We just got a lot of rain...