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A member of the group connected with the DDoS attacks taking place on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network over Christmas as well as throughout this year was arrested this week in the United Kingdom. 22-year-old Vinnie Omari was arrested on suspicion of fraud, Vinnie is believe to be part of the the group behind the attack named "Lizard Squad". Police took Omari's phones, computers, USB sticks, and his Xbox One. The police also identified a second person, a Finnish teenager, as a member of Lizard Squad. Julius Kivimäki reportedly found to have more than 3000 stolen credit card numbers in 2013. He was arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal botnet. I am so happy about this news. I was devastated that I could not play my PS4 over Christmas break and I've had my PlayStation for a year! I can't image how mad the people who just got one were!
Did they send him to bed without dinner as well?
Yeah! They took his xbox, that'll show him!
@VinceWylde HA! Class! Ha ha ha that's so funny! Seriously though, when playing with fire... Glad they caught one.
deserved it