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I was just draw into an article about "Guardians of the Galaxy" leading the Top 10 films at the box office in 2014 (yay!!), but something entirely different in the article caught my eye. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the winds are changing when it comes to the movie-watching experience. In my opinion, it's overdue! We have seriously curtailed our theater-going as ticket prices rose and rose. Aside from theater struggles, there's also the demise of movie rental stores and the rise of digital movies. As the article points out, the industry is finally getting wise and testing the waters: "Meanwhile, though, the forces of change seemed to be gathering. Netflix partnered with the Weinstein Co. to release a "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" sequel and with Adam Sandler for a series of films. The digital release of Seth Rogen’s North Korea farce "The Interview" ($15 million in its first four days) proved that the studios are eager to test the traditional theatrical window, even if it means upsetting the exhibitors." The article continues... "I wouldn’t say we’re on the cusp of radical change but I think the industry as a whole needs to find ways of increasing revenue sources and changing windowing is a part of how to grow the business," said [Universal Pictures distribution head Nikki] Rocco, who is retiring at year’s end. "Everybody has to take a look at it because the world has changed." "Theaters have begun adapting new techniques to lure more avid movie-going. This fall, AMC and MoviePass began offering monthly subscription packages in a handful of cities — a kind of Spotify-for-movies." I'm really interested to see how the distribution channels change in 2015, and whether the studios will really be adjusting to the changing times. What would you like to see? How do you usually watch movies these days? Theater image credit: Greg O'Beirne
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Usually I buy a movie if I want to see it, probably why as a family we own at least a few hundred movies each... I only go to the cinema for the big movies I want to see in 3D like the new Hobbit Movie