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2014 was a year of discovery: the number of new technologies developed, sights seen, places traveled is huge. But it was also a year of unsolved mysteries. One of the scariest parts about knowing so much about the world is that we begin to notice how very real the things that we still cannot solve are. Mashable put together some of the unsolved mysteries that plagued 2014, and I took out a few that I don't think should be included as mysteries (for instance, the missing Mexican students. It's not a mystery what happened to them). What will we learn in 2015, and what will still baffle us? 1. Malaysia Airlines Flight Still Not Found: What happened? In the wake of other crashes (like the AirAsia incident) being confirmed as crashes, we still don't know what happened to this flight. 2. Bardarbunga Still Erupting in Iceland This volcano has been erupting since August, which makes it one of the longest recorded eruptions ever. Why? There could be a number of reasons, but it's effects cannot be predicted, because there isn't an event in the studied past that rivals it. 3. Three Mysterious Sinkholes in Russia In Siberia, a 115-foot hole was found. There was an unexplained explosion (likely due to gases underground) but the root cause has yet to be discovered. 4. Layers and Layers of Monuments.... Discovered at Stonehenge. They've yet to be fully studied, but it's likely to develop the history of Stonehenge in ways that haven't been done before. 5. Who Caused the Sony Hack? Sure, many would like to assume it was the North Korean government, but there is barely any evidence that says so. In fact, most of the internet in North Korea is provided by Thai services. 6. Missing Girls in Nigeria Still Missing After being abducted by an extremist group, the Nigerian government said they had located the girls but were not able to rescue them. What has happened to these girls?