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inspiration longboards fl
Description The “beast of bamboo” and IL’s longest deck, the BigBoy™ lives up to his name. The long wheelbase and length overall truly lets the deck coddle its rider, delivering the perfect flex and giving them an amazingly stable and soft ride.  The BigBoy™ is a directional deck leaving the rider a larger area for footing at the front of the board while not affecting the serious amount of real estate to dance, walk, and even hang ten.  The IL BigBoy™ has been in production longer than any other IL board and will continue to be the original old classic cruiser.
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3 years ago·Reply
yeah that's long enough
3 years ago·Reply
Sweet! The graphics got me geeking out though. The chick looks like she has no neck xD
3 years ago·Reply
what's the name of that shop? I live north of you I wanna check it out.
3 years ago·Reply
inspiration longboards, they have a Facebook page
3 years ago·Reply