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This is the perfect day to date night hairstyle and it only takes about 5 minutes to put it together. Here's how to achieve the look: 1. Prep your hair with volumizing styling boost at the root. Then backcomb your entire head to create fullness. 2. Toss your hair over you left shoulder and split your hair into two sections. 3. Start braiding by using small sections and bringing the outside of each section inward. Cross it over to the other section and repeat. 4. Once you reach two inches from the end, twist your briad once and then run your other hand up the braid to make it more textured and deconstructed. 5. Secure the braid like you're tying a shoelace. Once knotted, pinch the two ends of hair together and slide a bobby pin up in the middle of the knot.
This was my go-to on busy days.
Not only am I in love with her hair. I'm also in love with her print shirt. It's too cute!