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Hello, hello! Christina here :) I'm super-duper excited to share that I'll be the US TV Series Community Moderator for the next 3 months--yay! Does this mean I have an excuse to watch more TV, and say that "I just have to do it?" I think yes! I'll give 110% at this, and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of the series with me :) So, if you have a favorite TV show, share why! Share clips of your favorite episodes! Share your theories on the next season! Share your lists of who you wish would have been cast in a certain role. Just share something! I hope that our community can get a little more talkative in this quarter, and also begin to share more things (like videos, reviews, memes, quotes, etc.) so that we have more to talk about. What are your favorite shows? Share in the comments, and let's all tune in to the community :) (and, as it were, to Community hehe) Thank you everyone!
Congrats! I love Parks and Rec too, @TechAtHeart - I'm so bummed that it's the last season. But I'm excited that it's about to start! I like sooo many shows, but right now I'm sitting here watching Agents of Shield.
Awesome! I love Parks and Recreation, I'm super excited for the new season!