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An updo doesn't have to be sleek, stiff and sophisticated all the time. Especially if your Saturday is a laid back, errand running day. A messy updo is incredibly simple and ultra sexy for lazy weekends. Refer to the images or instructions below to learn the look. 1. If you hair is flat, begin by spraying a texturizing spray. Using a rattail comb, make a deep side part from your hairline (near the crown) and tease your hair. 2. Find a ponytail that matches your hair and create a loose, low ponytail. Pull the ponytail holder towards the ends of your hair so that it's at the last two inches. 3. Start with the ends, create a French twist by rolling the ponytail in towards the head until it's tight, hiding the fastened end. 4. Position the twist in the center back of your head. 5. Using large French pins (U shaped pin), pin along the twist until it feels secure. Make sure to start at the nape. 6. Finish with hairspray.
My bestie love sporting this hairdo. She refuse to tie her hair because she thinks it's damaging for her hair.
Perfect college student hairstyle!