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Reasons to give Bustin a chance?

I've been biased against bustin for a long while now, and as I look around there are more and more bustin boards being shown off. To me it just seems that bustin has been bringing up the tail end of longboarding pretty much...forever. Their designs seem to be (for the most part) nothing new, and when they do release a new board it's just a remold of some other company's board. Their wheels seem okay at best, but again, I'd rather spend money on hawgs or cloud rides. Is it build quality? Two of my friends have boards with TONS of chips in them so I suppose not. Is it the "design your own graphic"? What makes them something that makes you want to spend money?
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Bustin is crazy awesome. At least to me, and here are some reasons! One the owner is rad and has had a hand in everything from the start. Two they have moved to NYC and started single handedly the longboard city circle. Three if you say their boards aren't diverse look at the Maestro, that thing is one of very few decks out there that is anything out of the norn. (All board companies have a lot of the same shape its just how it is) Moral of my story I love Bustin. Im four boards deep because I love their decks. They have wonderful customer service. They dont hide their history (you can watch Mike Dallas on YouTube skating some of their first boards, its funny as hell) They respect the sport like no other. An I love the city attitude.
@DeathSlinger more opinions than statements but thank you. I gotta do my part.
@SteveLee772 your statement pleases me
@EricDavis You seem unresonably biased against them bro, I don't think you have a right to a say anything bad about them until you've personally owned one, give them a chance, you might be suprised!
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