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When I studied abroad in London, the hardest part wasn't being far from my family, or dealing with culture shock, or keeping up with my school work - it was surviving the flight from LAX to Heathrow. Looking back, I could have made the 13-some hours a lot less painful if I had only taken a few prep steps. Get your entertainment ready: Charge up all your devices. Download movies, stock up on books on your e-readers, and paper to doodle. Invest in a quality pair of headphones and make a great playlist ahead of time (one for sleepy time and one for improving your mood) Get comfortable: Wear comfy clothes on the plane. While I can't stand sweatpants, I fully support leggings and cardigans. It's all about the layers. Sometimes I'm freezing on a plane and sometimes I wake up from a nap sweating! Think about bringing a scarf to use a blanket. Quench your thirst: Hydration is everything. Buy a bottle of water and get water every chance you can from the stewardesses. Bring light foods that won't make you thirstier. As for snacks, I’ll bring along vegetable sticks, fresh fruit (NOT bananas – the smell is too strong), and almonds.
One tip: Make sure to get up and go to the bathroom, even if you don't have to. You must get up and stretch the legs to prevent DVT.
I've learned to memorize what pockets I've put things in in my carryon. When it's at my feet, and I don't want to become intimate with your seatmate's lap to bend down and burrow through my bag, knowing that devices are in the large outside pocket and snacks are in the smaller one on the other side can make life easy. A large scarf is a must! Once I took a red-eye flight that I really needed tdo sleep on. The seatback screen in front of me wouldn't shut off, so I draped my scarf over my head. Who cares what it looked like, it made it dark enough for me to snooze a bit. And I also highly recommend either hand sanitizer or Vicks Vap-o-Rub. A friend who met me in London last month had a seatmate with extreme body odor. A little hand sanitizer or Vicks applied around your nostrils can really help minimize offensive odors.
Once I was getting on a plane and they did a second round of security right before getting on the airplane - they took my water bottle!! That was a rough flight.