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For The One My Soul Loves: Alone in Our Togetherness

I I am up at dawn, watching the night kiss the day as she says her goodbye. And my heart says to me: โ€œOh! Could there ever be two more perfect lovers? Tell me if you know: who can be ever together and ever apart?โ€ I am sitting upon the sands of the beach, and watching the waves reach for her; it is a thing of beauty. Though the moonlight pulls him away, she is ever unmoving, always waiting for his return, and with a fury he does, placing upon her outstretched hands, along with a frothy kiss, treasures he holds deep within his being. And they too are ever together and ever apart. And my heart says to me: โ€œnature sings a song of love, a song that resonates deep within your soul, a song that says life is the only teacher, and Love the true religion. Go then, learn the ways of love, seek your beloved, and when you find her again, you too must be ever together and ever apart.โ€ II My love, I am up at dawn thinking of you. To me you are like a beautiful rose, one I held too tightly, so that in my desperate, obsessive love I crushed you. But when I crushed you, your thorns pierced my heart and then my soul, and I too became broken. But today I understand that two souls can never be one. And, my Sister Soul, I want you to speak truths with your own tongue, see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears, and I want you to stand upon your own feet. I have loved you through eternity, yet, through eternity, I have never learnt that lovers must stand alone in their togetherness. But today I know. My Sister Soul, I am up at dawn thinking of you.
Yes, please, @EdwardIreland! I'd love to see it.
nicely done. my wife like number 1 as I liked number 2 . as u already wrote we stand alone .LOL Nice:)
Beautiful poem - I love the structure.
Wow, I love the imagery of the waves crashing on the shore being like a lover needily saying goodbye...
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