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Before her death, Maya Angelou was working on Caged Bird Songs, which would feature her reciting her poems and them being blended to modern day hip hop. Though she passed early last year, her estate nudged the project along and it was released in November. Now, this music video has been released! The MV features a 1969 poem, "Harlem Hopscotch." These powerful words are part of a great movement. I love that the video is shot in both Harlem and LA, and it incorporates some really sick dancers (Quest Crew!!) at the end that had been on So You Think You Can Dance! Very cool. What an amazing lady--still impressing us after her passing!
This is my favored poet she still has it.
so cool!
@ShirlannLawson She is and will always be fantastic! @KaitlynnJanae She really is :)