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Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 pound lean ground beef, chicken, or turkey 1 small onion, chopped 3/4 cup water 1 packet Old El Paso taco seasoning mix 8 Old El Paso Soft Taco Shells 1 (14 ounce) can Old El Paso refried beans 2 cups cooked white or brown rice 1-1/2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese or Mexican cheese blend 1 cup shredded lettuce 1 cup grape tomatoes, chopped Guacamole, for serving Sour cream, for serving Directions: 1. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the ground beef (or turkey or chicken) and chopped onion. Brown completely, breaking up the meat as you go. Once the meat is browned throughout and the onions are soft, add the water and taco seasoning. Give everything a good stir and simmer until the liquid has evaporated. Remove from heat. 2. Warm the tortillas in the microwave for 15-30 seconds each, or until warm to touch. Working with one tortilla at a time, spread an even layer of refried beans over the entire top of the tortilla. Down the center of the tortilla, layer the rice, cheese, meat, lettuce and tomatoes, adjusting fillings to suit tastes if desired. To form a cone, hold one end of the tortilla down and roll into a cone shape, keeping one hand on the bottom corner and spiraling the tortilla into a cone. Use a little of the refried beans to secure the edge in place. 3. Top with guacamole and sour cream. Enjoy!
If anyone dislikes this recipe, I recommend him to take a walk and re-examine his life.