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You have different brushes for various makeup application, so why neglect your hair? If you've been using the same hairbrush for detangling and blow drying it's time to update your kit! Plastic Bristle Brush is specifically made to remove tangles without breaking your hair. Our delicate hair weakens over time so using coarse brushes can damage the keratin. When using this brush be sure to work from the ends up! Never drag your hair down. Flat boar and nylon bristle brush is perfect for taming frizzy hairline. Use this brush to prep your hair for blow drying. Gently create tension and stretch your strands until they ar smooth but still damp. A round boar-bristle is best for blow drying your hair. The cylinder shape will protect your hair from being damaged by the heat. Work through your hair by section for best result!
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I heard great things about flat boar bristle brush! I've been thinking to get one to tame my fly away hairs.